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Morning Announcements has quickly grown to over 200,000 K12 Educators. Morning Announcements subscribers and website visitors are the K-12 education professionals you want to reach, they're your prospects and your customers.

These professionals want to know what's happening today! They keep themselves up to speed on the latest news and trends by making Morning Announcements part of their morning routine. As a K12 publisher you can reach these loyal readers at a very affordable investment.

Text Ads
The goal of a text ad is to deliver readers direct to your website. We encourage our sponsors to run multiple text ads in a single ad campaign. Multiple ads keep them fresh and generate more clicks all for the same price.

Text Ads contain a headline with up to 40 characters including spaces. The body of the text ad, including the headline, should not exceed 160 characters including spaces if the ad includes an image. If an image is included it will be 75 pixels x 75 pixels. Ads without images may contain up to 200 characters including spaces.

See a typical text ad to the right.
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Banner Ads
If you're looking to build your brand, promote an upcoming event, or just make a statement, Banner Ads are ideal. Morning Announcements large banner ads (300 x 250 pixels) provide maximum exposure. Keep in mind banner ads typically generate many fewer clicks compared to text ads.

Banner ads are 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. The banner image should be a static jpeg or gif format with a file size not to exceed 60KB.

See a typical banner ad to the right.
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When you place an ad in a magazine, your cost is fixed regardless of how many people read or respond to your message. Magazine ads can cost more than $5,000 per page. Print advertising has become the "great unknown" - you sense your ad is working, but if you place display advertising in more than one industry magazine, you seldom know:
  • How many prospects saw your magazine ad?
  • How many website visits your magazine ad generated?
  • If the copy of one magazine ad is more effective than another?
  • Whether your ad is working at all?
Feedback 24/7
When you become a sponsor and advertise in Morning Announcements you get detailed feedback. We continuously track the number of views and clicks your text ads and banner ads generate. Our Campaign Tracking Software gives you insight into whether your message is attracting attention - 24/7. And you can change your ad to refocus its impact at any time.

Ad Rates
Advertising sponsorships with Morning Announcements are sold by the month. The rates for the 2018 school year are $995.00 per month with a guaranteed minimum 100,000 ad views for a rate of $9.95 CPM. These are actual ad views, not projected views or based on open rates or subscriber counts.

Back to School Sponsorship Special

For a limited time you can double your ad views and receive a minimum of 200,000 ad views per month for the same low rate of $995.00.

Your Back to School Sponsorship Special advertising campaign can include a mix of Text Ads and Banner Ads. As always we encourage sponsors to include multiple versions of both ads formats for maximum engagement.

Custom Campaigns
In addition to the Text and Banner options we offer custom marketing campaigns. Reach our entire subscriber list for $1950.00. This includes you own custom message.

For more information please contact:

Joel Brown, Editor
Phone: 617-899-8753

James Leonard, Editor
Phone: 617-680-3008

Jeff Ferry, Publisher
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