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Morning Announcements is a convenient daily email newsletter with a concise listing of articles, features and news stories focused on educational best practices, classroom insights, and future trends.

Morning Announcements is published by News Bites Network which has been publishing critically acclaimed newsletters for an elite clientele of executives, business professionals and forward-looking thinkers since 2001.

Every weekday the Morning Announcements email newsletter is received by over 100,000 school principals, administrators and teachers at elementary, middle school, high school and charter schools across the US.

The goal is to ensure every educator has access to the best of the big ideas. To present you with insights that will help you stay ahead, insights that you should know about, insights that will help you be your best.

A network of experts backs the Morning Announcements editorial staff. They look through the hundreds of articles published across the US each day focused on education. They use a time-tested content analysis process coupled with Morning Announcements proprietary methodology to filter out the best of the best.

There is no way you could cost effectively match this input and this output.

Educational changes and trends are emerging everywhere, but few school principals and administrators see them. At Morning Announcements we find the stories you will want to read, collate them and deliver them is a concise daily email.

Think of Morning Announcements as a brainstorming session designed to get your creative juices flowing. Many schools subscribe their entire executive team and teaching staff. As such, Morning Announcements forms the agenda for a meeting at which the team discusses the possible implications of the latest trends for their school and district.

Intelligence is crucial to sustained success ...

Winners are constantly aware of the changes going on in the world, as well as those in the teaching profession. If you're like most educators, you know what your school is doing. But do you understand the trends that are impacting not only your school but schools across the country?

You will -- when you read Morning Announcements!

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