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Kate Newburgh, Ph.D

Dr. Kate Newburgh is the founder of Deep Practices Consulting, L3C: a social enterprise dedicated to creating conditions for inspiration and renewal in the workplace. Kate began her career as a New York City Teaching Fellow in the Bronx, NY. Since then she's held diverse roles in the field including Educational Researcher, Academic Affairs Director for a national non-profit, and Curriculum Specialist and Instructional Coach for Eagle County Schools, CO. She is a member of several large-scale networks including the Colorado Education Initiative and America Achieves. She received her Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver with a research focus on teacher retention and adaptive whole-teacher supports.

Jan 11, 2019
Teaching from the Heart: Developing Deep Practices to Stay Inspired on the Job
While everyone has heard of "best practices," which refer to the technical aspects of teaching, Dr. Paul Michalec and Dr. Kate Newburgh from the University of Denver ...
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