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Apr 24, 2019
A.I. May Help Alleviate Pressures Facing Educators
I had the pleasure to speak with Edward Keller, the CEO of Smart Science® Education, about what he learned from the 2019 Curiosity Conference organized by RoboTerra and the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE). Before the conference, Keller, who was a panelist at the event, had a personal understanding of AI. But afterwards, he left impressed with a greater ...
How To Strengthen Fact Fluency Without Tears
When building fact fluency in my third grade classroom, I use a few consistent routines, and give students plenty of time to master their facts. To begin, students ...
Teachers Pay Teachers
He Was a New Teacher at Columbine H.S. Here’s Why He Never Left.
Columbine High School teacher Kiki Leyba remembers April 20, 1999 as a day of two life-altering extremes. He was a first-year Columbine teacher meeting with ...
Good Sleep a Must for Teens with ADHD
Teenagers tend to shortchange themselves on sleep, but when they have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), that can really hamper their thinking ...
National Association of Special Education Teachers
12 Activities & Tools to Build Curiosity
Building social and emotional-learning (SEL) skills such as curiosity requires face-to-face interaction, meaningful discussion, and reflection. Edtech is no ...
eSchool News
Hip-Hop Gave Me Purpose - Now It Helps My Students Find Their Voice
Some time ago, I began wondering what the point of life was. Looking inward was something I struggled with, and I didn’t feel well supported. When I sat in ...
Schools Are Facing a Teen Sleep Epidemic
The high school where I teach implemented later start times about three years ago. We made the local news and got some praise for being progressive. The reality ...
We Are Teachers
10 Strategies To Promote Curiosity In Learning
Curiosity is crucial to learning. For years, education has responded by admonishing teachers to ‘engaged’ students with ‘engaging content,’ but engagement and ...
How to Discover the Limiting Beliefs that Create Self-Sabotage
Imagine walking toward a beautiful, white sand beach. The sky is clear, the sun warm. A soft breeze caresses your skin. You can hear the cheerful sounds of your ...
Pick the Brain
The Teacher Prep Program That Starts in High School
Dylin Coburn is a junior in high school, but he’s spent a surprising amount of time at a school that’s not his, observing an art class he’s not even taking. It’s not about ...
Want to Live Longer? Science Says to Do These 5 Things
When it comes to staying healthy, most people have the same motivation: living as long and fulfilling a life as possible. And while science has yet to find a true ...
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Why Asian Students Outpace their Western Peers
Actually they only keep certain students in class in the ...
Tim Click, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School, Point Pleasant, WV
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