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Apr 22, 2019
Decluttering Your Classroom
Anybody who knows me would question whether I have the qualifications to talk about decluttering a classroom. For years I joked that my room was a picture of my brain merged with those of my middle schoolers. It was “organized chaos,” to quote Ray Bradbury. I was charmed by my own disorganization.
Lately, however, the obsession with decluttering our homes has ...
How Schools Can Be a Refuge Amid Chaos
Four police cars were parked in front of the school building. The front office was full. I sat with a handful of students, along with a parent with a newborn baby ...
Non-Threatening Formative Assessment Techniques
As frequently as a chef needs to check a sauce for taste, teachers should check for understanding.
These can be formal–formative or summative assessment ...
Academic and Vocational Academy Helps Vulnerable Students Succeed
Earlier this year, Ricketa Bluford, a teacher at the Elk Grove campus of the Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy (SAVA), assigned her students ...
The Hechinger Report
4 Ways that Better Edtech Management Empowered Our District
Billings Public Schools is the largest school district in Montana, supporting more than 16,800 students across 33 schools. With the support of technology levies, we ...
eSchool News
Coaches Do More Than Teach Athletics. They Build Strength On and Off the Field.
In senior year of high school, my football team once came back from being down 0-34 at halftime to win the Central Valley championship, 35-34, in overtime. It ...
Is Wi-Fi a Health Threat in Schools?
Since the early 2000s, when wireless connectivity and the Internet evolved into everyday technologies, they have come to pervade our home and work lives ...
Plogging: A Fun Activity For Earth Day And Every Day
Looking for a fun Earth Day activity? You may want to try plogging, or picking up litter while jogging. Odd as it may sound, the new "sport" is becoming extremely ...
5 Superpowers Every Teacher Has
Hello. Am I the only one who feels like a total failure of a teacher right now? I’m running on approximately zero motivation, which means today I: Was late to ...
We Are Teachers
Reversing the Trend on Teacher Shortages
A growing problem in school districts across the country, teacher shortages negatively impact school climate, culture, and student learning by undermining teacher ...
National Association of Elementary School Principals
Overall Pre-K Spending Grows, But Few States Make Gains in Quality, Enrollment
For the first time, overall spending on public pre-K programs across 44 states, the District of Columbia and Guam tops $8 billion, and 16 states increased per ...
Education DIVE
How many times was Charles de Gaulle president of France?
See the answer below.
Letters to the Editor
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Why Asian Students Outpace their Western Peers
Actually they only keep certain students in class in the ...
Tim Click, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School, Point Pleasant, WV
What Year Was It?
The First Earth Day
What Year
Earth Day, an event to increase public awareness of the world's environmental problems, is celebrated in the United States for the first time.
The day was Apr 22. What year was it?
Quote of the Day
"Education, whatever else it should or should not be, must be an inoculation against the poisons of life and an adequate equipment in knowledge and skill for meeting the chances of life."
Havelock Ellis
Trivia Answer
How many times was Charles de Gaulle president of France?
Answer: Two
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