News and Best Practices for K-12 Schools
Oct 17, 2018
Things Every Student Needs
There is no perfect lesson, unit, or school any more than their can be a perfect song, flavor, or shade of blue. Every student is different. Every single intelligent, forgetful, smiling, moody, enthusiastic, apathetic, reflective, short-sighted little (or big) human being that walks into your classroom on a daily basis has their own story–one full of promise, heart-break, and complexity ...
Defining Student Creativity: Make, Learn, Succeed
Mark Gura went to public school in New York City in the '50s, and he says it was very much about compliance and conformity with very little tolerance ...
A Farm-to-Cafeteria Program Powered by Students with Disabilities
They might not know it, but when hundreds of Detroit students eat a school lunch, they are consuming vegetables grown just a few miles away by one of ...
The Best Teacher Halloween Costumes
Halloween classroom checklist: Slightly spooky bulletin boards? Check. Halloween activities? Check. Candy or healthy treats all ready? Check. Fantastic ...
We Are Teachers
Hidden Hunger Affects Nearly 2 Billion Worldwide
Incredible strides have been made to eradicate hunger around the world since World War II. New technology, foreign aid, and a world economy that ...
US News & World Report
Using Video Effectively in the Classroom
When we show videos in class, we want our students to watch actively rather than passively: to comprehend, not just consume. We want our students ...
eSchool News
Stop Setting Goals
I looked at my calendar and realized it was only a week from the end of the month and that I was not even within 50% of my sales goal. I did what people ...
Thin Difference
This New Tool Can Help Parents Find the Best Sport for Their Kids
Kids these days: they have so many options when it comes to sports. There are organized travel teams, it seems, for every game: soccer, lacrosse ...
To Learn, Change
As state leaders and school leaders across Arkansas strive to make improvements to the quality of education we are delivering to our students in PK-12 ...
Arkansas Democrat Gazette
How Effective for Learning are the Ed Tech Apps We Use?
As the costs for devices and applications decrease, technology use is increasing In classrooms across the country. Growth is particularly high in ...
Tech & Learning
Working Strategies: Exploring Education Opportunities in the Trades
Blueprint Reading. Torch Cutting. Radiologic Technology. Plumbing Code. Asbestos Air Sampling. Concrete Practices. Medical Billing. Robotics ...
Twin Cities Pioneer Press
"For years, we've been playing by the old rules, and the results have been dismal. It's time for a bold new direction!"
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Al Gore dropped out of which university?
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Capone Goes to Prison
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Gangster Al Capone is sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion and fined $80,000, signaling the downfall of one of the most notorious criminals of the 1920s and 1930s.
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Al Gore dropped out of which university?
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