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Oct 22, 2018
What Does the Future of Teaching Look Like?
Over the last few years, the Christensen Institute has written extensively on how innovation in K–12 education will impact teachers. We've tackled important questions such as "Will computers replace teachers?", "How will technology change teaching?", and "How do you develop teachers for next-gen classrooms?" Below are highlights of our key findings and insights. Technology will not replace ...
Christensen Institute
Heartbreaking Obituary About Opioid Addiction
To those who don't understand addiction, an addict is no more than a person who lacks self-control who'd rather walk around in a daze than deal with ...
Deep Dive Into Social Media Habits of Teenagers
As teachers, we all have assumptions -- and likely some opinions -– about teenagers and social media. But are those assumptions correct? Well ...
How Our District Uses Tech to Fight Cyberbullying
Bullying is a real danger for students today. More than 28 percent of U.S. students in grades 6-12 experience bullying and more than 160,000 stay ...
eSchool News
Correct Name Pronunciation Matters to Students
Students with names that can be difficult to pronounce may end up with a nickname - and not of their own choosing, which leaves them feeling not just ...
Education DIVE
What Teachers Need In Order to Grow
What do teachers need to grow? Training, books, words of encouragement, degrees and certifications, PD, meetings, assistants, rules, policies, laptops ...
Big Bird, Caroll Spinney, Leaves Sesame Street After 50 Years
The friendly, bearded face of Caroll Spinney may not be one you recognize immediately. But if you have watched TV at any point in the past 50 years ...
The New York Times
Japan Makes History By Landing Robots On An Asteroid
The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, made history on September 21, 2018, when its unmanned probe Hayabusa2 successfully landed two ...
New School of Thought: In-Class Physical Exercise Won't Disrupt Learning, Teaching
As childhood obesity rates rise and physical education offerings dwindle, elementary schools keep searching for ways to incorporate the federally ...
National Association of Special Education Teachers
How Paying Attention to Detail Saves Your Finances
They say the devil is in the details. When it comes to your finances, this can certainly be true. Each day, we have the potential to lose money simply ...
Wise Bread
21 Things Teachers Do Every Single Day But Don’t Get Recognized For
Everyone is aware of the usual teacher responsibilities, such as grading papers, writing lesson plans, and attending staff meetings. But anyone ...
We Are Teachers
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