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May 28, 2019
Affluent Students Get Extra Time to Take the SAT
An analysis by the Wall Street Journal finds that the number of high school students being given special allowances for test-taking, such as extra time, has surged in recent years. Douglas Belkin, Jennifer Levitz, and Melissa Korn also report that “students in affluent areas such as Scarsdale, Weston and Newton are more likely than students elsewhere to get the fastest-growing type ...
Teachers Are Great at Designing Classrooms. Let’s Get Them Redesigning Schools.
Let’s talk about cute for a moment. How many times have you walked into a classroom, say in one of the 88,665 or so elementary schools in the United ...
New York Proposes ELL Training for Most Teachers
The New York State Education Department has proposed regulatory changes that would require teacher preparation programs in certain subject areas to ...
Language Magazine
A Rising Share of Undergraduates Are From Poor Families, Especially at Less Selective Colleges
The overall number of undergraduates at U.S. colleges and universities has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, with growth fueled almost ...
Pew Research Center
4 Strategies for Formative Assessment
Formative assessments, which are typically informal, take place throughout the instructional process. They should be administered frequently since they ...
The Greatest Barrier for Educators Changing Their Practice? Internal Resistance
NyRee Clayton-Taylor, a creative writing teacher at Wheatley Elementary School in Louisville, Ky., feels lucky that her school’s administration supports her use ...
How To Make School Start Later
The name of the study said it all: “Sleepmore in Seattle: Later School Start times Are Associated with More Sleep and Better Performance in High School ...
5 Ways to Improve Instructional Coaching Today
Instructional coaching can be a powerful framework for teacher professional development, but not all coaching is created equally. As a beneficiary of a ...
eSchool News
Send Positive Notes and Encouragement When You Print on Post-Its
We have just the thing to help you spread kindness and positivity in your classroom. These templates for printing on Post-its include words of encouragement ...
We Are Teachers
13 Tools that Chefs Always Have in Their Kitchens
It's no question that a chef's job is a challenging one, and when it comes to executing dishes efficiently and precisely having the right tools on hand is ...
Business Insider
New Orleans Finally Has Control of its Own Schools, But Will All Parents Really Have a Say?
Frank Rabalais had big plans for the school just around the corner from his house in Gentilly Terrace, a leafy neighborhood that is one the most racially and ...
The Hechinger Report
What is the most common reason a person leaves teaching?
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Why Asian Students Outpace their Western Peers
Actually they only keep certain students in class in the ...
Tim Click, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School, Point Pleasant, WV
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Bismarck Sunk by the Royal Navy
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What is the most common reason a person leaves teaching?
Answer: Low salary
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