Jan 18, 2018
Three-Quarters of U.S. Public School Spending Cuts Restored
The 2008 recession may seem like a long time ago, hitting before Barack Obama began his presidency, but public elementary, middle and high schools around the country are still feeling the pinch from it. The good news is ...
U.S. News
What Really Goes into a High-impact K -12 Classroom?
Most students spend an average of 14,000 hours in the classroom during their K-12 years. As a result, the learning environment is powerful ...
eSchool News
Free Classroom Resources from the Library of Congress
The Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, provides research for the U.S. Congress. Part of its job is to support the ...
We Are Teachers
Alarmed by Fake News, States Push Media Literacy in Schools
Alarmed by the proliferation of false content online, state lawmakers around the country are pushing schools to put more emphasis on ...
Longview News-Journal
A Writing Strategy That Works for Every Student, Every Time
Writing is difficult to teach, if for no other reason than it is also difficult to do. Put simply, writing is the documentation of ...
Teach Thought
Grants to Fully Fund Chinese and Arabic Teachers
U.S. K-12 schools can host a fully-funded teacher from Egypt, Morocco, or China with the help of Teachers of Critical Languages ...
Language Magazine
Setting Up Effective Group Work
Research supports what we probably already knew about student collaboration: It’s integral to learning. We know that collaboration ...
Design Tech High School Opens as Newest Example of Innovative School Design
The entire student body at Design Tech High School — all 550 students — are now meeting together for the first time at the new ...
Education Dive
Are Standardized Tests on the Way Out?
What does “fair” mean when it comes to standardized testing? That is a question that Mark Moulton, who works at a company that writes ...
It Takes a Community to Raise a School
The idea of a community school is not new, but the transformational community school model is new to Tennessee. This model proves ...
Commercial Appeal
Why Are Schools Serving Predominately Black Students More Often Marked As ‘Failing’?
Headline after headline proclaims the news: America’s students attend “failing” schools. Government data supports the conclusion ...
Atlanta Black Star
Certica Provides Unbound Concepts’ Artifact Capabilities in the Certica Connect Platform-as-a-Service
Certica Solutions (Certica), provider of the Certica Connect edtech platform-as-a-service (PaaS), today announced the acquisition ...
Belkin Introduces Its Most Compact and Fast-Charging Battery Pack to Date
Belkin, market leader in mobile accessories – today introduced a suite of its most compact and fast-charging portable ...
MindRocket Media Group Announces Acquisition of American ED TV
MindRocket Media Group, the comprehensive multi-channel public relations and editorial firm, has announced the acquisition ...
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What British imperialist established the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship?
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Boston Thieves Pull Off Historic Robbery
Boston Thieves Pull Off Historic Robbery
11 men steal more than $2 million from the Brinks Armored Car depot in Boston, Massachusetts. It was the perfect crime - almost - as the culprits weren't caught until January 1956, just days before the statute of limitations for the theft expired.
The day was Jan 17. What year was it?
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What British imperialist established the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship?
Answer: Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902)
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